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infill specialists



1. The planned conversion of empty lots, underused or rundown buildings and other available space in densely built up urban and suburban areas for use as sites for commercial buildings and housing, frequently as an alternative to overdevelopment of rural areas.

Homes By Managen has been helping rejuvenate mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton for many years, paying special attention to the mature neighbourhood guidelines while managing to always bring our client’s dreams to life and to ensure an end product that our client’s our proud to call home. Specializing in custom homes, Homes by Managen’s experience has given our team the ability to overcome any challenges that building infill houses may bring and strives on exceeding our clients expectations.

We take pride in assisting our clients with lot selection in various mature communities around Edmonton, we also assists in all the necessary permitting that is required including demolition, development, and building permits. We offer a one stop shop when approaching infills, we will take our clients vision from; lot selection – permits – demolition – design – construction – landscaping